With decades of combined experience and knowledge in the printing, name badge and stickers industry. You can rest assured that our team will deliver top quality name badges and services. We are always striving to produce the newest and most innovative name badge products that can be ordered with ease.

Having spent over a decade in the name badge and stickers industry, our founder and CEO Billy Reeves decided to venture into doing what he really loves! He quickly discovered whilst working for a large company in the name badge industry that there was absolutely a demand for a more bespoke and closer customer service that the bigger companies just could not offer.

“The customer in my mind is the singular most important factor in my business, it’s the reason why I started this company.  I could see there was a large void in the market for a more personal service in the name badge industry. I believe that the customer always comes first because at the end of the day, without the customer there is no business. Empathy is the key here.”- Billy Reeves (Founder/CEO)


You can be sure that The Name Badge Builder will provide your company with extremely high quality name badges and fast dispatch times. We always do our upmost best to make sure your name badges are of the most highest quality and that they are also delivered within the forecasted time frames. 

“Personally I believe in quality over speed, but also recognise the need for fast dispatch times without sacrificing that quality.” – Billy Reeves (Founder/CEO)


With our industry leading pricing, interpersonal service and bespoke product offering we believe we offer you and your company the service and honesty it deserves.

“It’s just plain simple, our customers deserve fair pricing and a bespoke service that I know the bigger companies just cannot provide. When these bigger companies are focused on high output and the bottom line how can they give their customers a service like we provide.” – Billy Reeves (Founder/CEO)

The Name Badge Builder manufactures its name badges 100% in the UK, we make the backplates, we print the badges and we dome the badges. Only our fittings come from outside of the United Kingdom.


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